Low Carb Snacking – What Kind Of Snacks Can You Have On A Low Card Diet?

How To Know What The Best Low Carb Snacks Are?

low carb diet can help you maintain a proper body weight. This is why many weight loss programs are based on increasing the protein intake while keeping carbs to a minimum. The biggest problem is snacks, because they are usually less healthy, due to their high carbohydrates content. This article will show you how to prepare delicious low carb snacks to keep you going between the main meals of the day.

First of all, if you love bread, you should consider replacing it with wheat-free crackers. They can make an excellent base for a wide range of snacks. Eat them with guacamole, cheese, olives, cherry tomatoes or cold meats. Optionally, you can add a little butter, but you shouldn’t overdo it. You can buy ready-made avocado dips, but it’s always better to prepare them at home, should you have the time for doing it. If you’re too busy, you’ll have to buy your snacks, but there’s nothing wrong with it, provided that you make wise choices.

Nuts are among the best low carb snacks one could possibly find. Readily available, almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts, and Macadamia are tasty and they can make a delicious stand-alone snack. If you want, you can mix them with yogurt or kefir. You should avoid pistachios and cashews because they are relatively rich in carbs. Moreover, as nuts contain a lot of calories, you should be very careful, as you may put some weight on you, should you make them your main snacking option.

Celery can be a very interesting option, especially if you mix it with a sour dip or with some blue cheese. Nonetheless, you should like its specific taste to start with, otherwise, this isn’t going to work. If you do hate celery, you can try raw carrots, as they are also very low in carbohydrates and rich in vitamins and minerals your body needs to maintain its proper functioning.

As you can see, there are many foods you can snack on while on a low carb diet. You can also eat fruits, but you need to avoid eating them alone, as they can be quite hard on your liver and on your entire digestive system. Fruits contain fructose, which can only be metabolized in the liver and in the intestines, so you have to make sure you mix them with other types of foods, in order to be able to use their energy for your activities rather than storing it as fat deposits.

Anyway, you can always learn more about the best food combinations by getting in touch with a nutritionist or dietitian. These professionals know what happens to various types of food once they get past the mouth, so they are the most qualified individuals to offer you advice in this area. By understanding what happens when you put various foods into your body, you’ll be able to create your own healthy snacks, so that you don’t have to feel hungry between breakfast and lunch or between lunch and dinner.