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Welcome to, your online source for unbiased reviews of low carb products, recipes and supplements. There’s so much out there that has the low carb seal on it that really isn’t low carb and I’m going to sift through it and give the absolute low down on low carb.

My name is Bill “Bubba” Smith chief reviewer of this website. I have been using low carb dieting off and on throughout the last 20 years and have had great results and not so great results with low carb dieting. As of now I am beginning my low carb journey by following a plan laid out by Chris Powell my goal is to get back to my high school weight and muscle mass. Now being 45 it may be a little tougher but I’m ready for the journey!

AllSugar-Free Recommended Low Carb Products

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logo-miraclenoodles review-coupon “No carb “pasta” for your cravings” buynow
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Real Reviews of Low Carb Products and Low Carbohydrate Programs

These are real reviews coming from a guy that has had his ups and downs with low carb dieting. I have found that part of my trials and tribulations with a low carb lifestyle is that it gets really boring. I’ll be looking for products that will help give you some variety and keep you moving down the right track. I have had my share of bad low carb foods so if something is not good I will be the first one to tell you why I think it sucks.

The reason that I started this website is to have a source of low carb products that work and also taste great. So stay tuned for so up coming low carb product reviews. I will also be starting a low carb recipes section so if you have a favorite low carb recipe please send it in and I will review it. I will also have a section for low carb supplement reviews where I will be reviewing products that work and some that didn’t work for me.

Latest Updates

MHP Power Pak Protein PuddingIn the low carb food department I have added a review of MHP Power Pak Pudding. I have reviewed a couple of flavors and so far the butterscotch pudding is my favorite. These puddings pack a punch in the protein department with 30g of protein per serving for the 8oz. size. The vanilla fit and lean Power Pak is also good but I’m standing by my vote for the butterscotch.

Miracle noodle reviewI also reviewed Miracle Noodle which are a carb free, calorie free, gluten free, GMO free noodle. These noodles are a great addition to you low carb dieters that are craving pasta. Check out the review and cooking instructions under the food section of this blog. If you are already familiar with Miracle Noodles I have a coupon code for them which will save you some cash on your order.


Another one of my favorite snacks is beef jerky so I wanted to review a jerky of the month club. I have reviewed one so far and my SumoJerky review is also in the food section. Be sure to check out that section if you’re interested in the beef jerky box of the month club because I have a coupon code for SumoJerky if you want to get in on the free bag deal.