Carb Cycle Diet For Weight Loss And Building Muscle

Carbohydrate cycling diet for a better looking body

It should be simple and it should be neat. And by carbohydrate cycling, which is very simple, so you can get a really good body, (provided that you practice well and not just eat junk).

Does it sound interesting? Good! This thing with cycling carbohydrates you learn in a flash so let’s dig a little deeper and see exactly what it means and how to proceed.

Yesterday was the Paleo and a handful of other diets that were the talk of the town. Soon there will be another diet. Followed by a handful of others. It need not be anything wrong with all this, not the least because they work well for many. However, I know from personal experience that many diets, including fasting (which I personally dig), means to change their lifestyle in sometimes very large dimensions. This is something that many all times are not willing to do or to cope with in the long run, and that may not always be so smart to embark on depending on one’s life situation with all that implies.carb_cycling_diet


If you train a lot you want of course to see results, and feel really good! Sure it’s great to be stronger, faster, more sustainable and simultaneously more explosive (tip for it: start sprinting). But then of course, we want to also have visible results, and it simply means a better looking body; Cool form stronger muscles, less fat and so on.

Carbohydrate cycling is a super way there. Above all, a very simple one, at least in comparison with many other options / diets, some blah. mentioned above. Just like with everything else, requires carbohydrate cycling a particular job, but it is a very easy way to get great results without having to turn upside down on their lifestyle and diet altogether. Man ‘scales’ simply away here and there, now and then.


Carb Cycling for men means, just as it sounds, that you eat carbohydrates and off. This means that you have days when you eat. carbohydrates (high) and days when you eat minimal carbs (low) Running with periodic fasting so it will get even better results with carbohydrate cycling in combination.

So what days you should eat carbohydrates at? Simply on the days when you train hard (and hard means that you are doing something that consumes more energy than usual.) The other day, when either resting, stretching a bit, or go for long walks as abolishing it whatever carbohydrate units and eat instead, a little more fat and even more green.

It is of course to weigh and eat a certain amount of carbohydrates in their training days etc. in absurdum, but let’s keep it as simple as we possibly can, and with that said only eat carbs on training days (preferably when after training) and keep them to a minimum on non-training days, ie days when we are not exercising or just promenixar and makes things very light. The headache with numbers and matvågarna we save those who wanted to jump into the swamp.

For example: if you practice weight training 4 days a week, say Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, so you eat then also carbohydrates as usual in these 4 days, but again with the advantage after the workout. In other words, will it be on Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday as you cut down on the carbohydrates (which also includes fruit) and instead eat simply more fat and greens.

Benefits Of A Carb Cycling Diet

Less body fat, more muscle

Cycling carbohydrates may sound sophisticated, but is that you (hopefully) already have understood nothing more than to eat carbs on training days and avoid them like the plague on non-training days. It really is not.

The benefits of carbohydrate cycling in this way is to eat more carbohydrates on training days which helps to promote muscle growth, and that eating less on non-training days helps minimize and burn fat.

Carbohydrate days (when we eat a lot carbs) we stimulate insulin to transport nutrients into the muscle cells causing them to grow. We also fills up with glycogen that simply said fuel to build muscle.
The non-carbohydrate days (when we do not eat carbs) to promote fat loss by the body rather than burn fat for fuel instead of sugar from kolisar would otherwise be the case. At the same time, we make the body more sensitive to insulin, which increases the body’s response when it comes to muscle builders.
If the explanation above sounds like utter Greek so it does not matter, but the only thing you need to know is that carbohydrate cycling is an easy and very flexible way to build muscles while burning fat. It’s also simple enough that it can adapt to the “high” and “low” carb days (on and off), but it should involve all bring major lifestyle changes. The diet remains pretty much always the same. Replace the potato toward more green and an avocado instead, replace the pasta to fried eggs, mozzarella, etc.

So be sure to sprint off your carbohydrate cycling, it’s easily worth it. And do not forget, wax on, wax off!