Miracle Noodle Review Check This Out Before You Buy

Review of Miracle Noodle. How can it be low carb and be a noodle?

miracle_noodle_order_001Alright so I did some research on Miracle Noodle before I ordered it and in full disclosure it’s not a noodle made from the typical noodle-ly ingredients. Miracle Noodle is actually made from a plant specifically the Konjac plant. They take the fiber from the Konjac plant and make it into a noodle that is carb free and calorie free.
I ordered right off the Miracle Noodle website and got the sample pack so I could give you my review of a bunch of different varieties. Pretty simple and straight forward.  I was actually quite surprised how fast these came considering that I’m on the East Coast and Miracle Noodle is based on the West Coast. So as far as ordering and shipping I would have to give them props.

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They came USPS and I couldn’t wait to get them open and check them out. I didn’t realize that these noodles are packaged in water that needs to be drained before using. Here’s a quick video of what came in the pack.

These noodles have been featured in many different places like Dr. Oz, Rachel Ray and Men’s Health Magazine. In the instructions they say that they give off an odor of the Konjac plant. I haven’t opened any of my packages yet but I will report back on this “odor”.

Miracle noodle

I will be trying out all of the noodles this week and will report back on each one.

Garlic And Herb

So my first try at cooking and eating these noodles was with the garlic and herb flavored noodles. As far as odor they do have a little fishy smell but not too overpowering. The package says to rinse them for about 10-15 seconds but I went a little longer. In my research I have found that the longer you rinse them the less the odor. These cooked up pretty easy, just bring some water to a boil and cook for about 2 minutes. I actually went a little long on the cook time and have later found out that cooking them too long may make them a little rubbery. They do tend to stick together when cooking and the noodles are really long so it may be a good idea to cut them with scissors or a knife before cooking. Here’s my video going through the prep, cooking and eating process.

I would definitely buy these and use them again after seeing some tips on YouTube on how to cook them. Some tips are not to cook them more than 2 minutes. Also, a lot of people recommend drying them out in a frying pan and adding your sauce once dried. I will be trying that out and report back on how that worked.