Best Low Carb Snacks For A LCHF Diet

Low Carbohydrate Snacks

Snacking for me personally is a must when I’m eating low carb. I need to have some sort of snack ready for when I get a hankering for something crunchy, salty or just plain satisfying. I think that having easy to get snacks are part of the success of the low carb high fat diet, it’s too easy to get a high carb snack at any convenient store but finding a low carb alternative can sometimes be challenging. Below are a list of some of my favorite low carb snacks.

Cheese Chips

With LCHF you quickly realize that the chips and nachos are a memory. But there are good options. Here we have made the chips of regular cheese. Easy to make low carb cheese chips:


  • Cheese (fat, preferably stored)
  • Butter
  • Possibly spices to taste

Do this:

Preheat the oven to 450 degrees. Grease a plate. The more you buttering the flatter your chips will be. Obviously there is a limit somewhere with lubrication.

Grate the cheese.

Place small mounds of grated cheese on the greased plate. Garnish possibly with any spice.

Leave approximately equal intervals between the piles as they are wide or you will get a giant blanket of ostchips.

Bake in the oven until they get the desired hardness and color. Keep in mind that solidifies into a little when you take them out. Burnt cheese is moreover not very good.

Test when they are ready: Poke with a knife during a chip, if you find that you can lift the whole thing in one piece, they start to become clear.

Suitable for:

  • The nachos / tacos or whatever you prefer to call it.
  • As a snack, that they are.

Peanuts with very little carbohydrates

I thought a few weeks ago that I had found the peanuts with the lowest proportion of carbohydrates . The other day I found a variety that had actually even less.

Exotic Snacks are the manufacturer and the proportion of carbohydrates is actually as little as 4g / 100g. Now I feel even more ok to take a handful of movie cosiness.

I bought the bag weighs one kilogram, and cost $9.99. A really big one, in other words. Should be enough for a long time.

Power Pak Protein Pudding

I take these along with me for a quick and ready snack. These are made by MHP and you can get them in a 4 pack. They come in chocolate, vanilla and butterscotch.


I usually buy a big bag of regular lightly salted almonds whenever they’re on sale. On large bag will usually last me about one week.

Macadamia Nuts

Macadamia nut are low in carbs and high in fat so they make a great LCHF snack. They tend to be quite more expensive than almonds but I think they may be the lowest carb content of all the nuts.