Carb Cycling Mistakes – How To Carb Cycle Properly

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Carb Cycling Mistakes And How To Avoid Them

So there are many different mistakes people make. I’m gonna give you the rundown of the top five that most people make when they’re carb cycling. Know why they don’t see results while the carb cycling arc is a lot of people posted you know I tried it it doesn’t work. You’re probably not doing it right you know you’re probably skipping steps you’re probably kinda doing it you know you’re following a bitter this type of carb cycling but you doing something else on the other end of the spectrum.

So one of the biggest mistakes I see people make is that they do not deplete enough they do not deplete the body properly they do not depleted glycogen stores you need to understand that you need to earned the carbs, you need to turn the repeater the high carb day rate you can just get you know to half ass workout you know put fuck all sessions and you know your training sessions are half assed 30 percent forty percent an unexpected the high carb is gonna do anything for you. You really need to grind you know and deplete your body while your carb cycling on those low carb days to the point where you feel it recovery is crappy just feel your muscles are flat you you feel that you’re not getting good pumps in the gym so when you have the high carb day it fills you right out for the next few days. So you know legacy in the previous video try you know high carb day every fourth fifth sixth seventh day see which one works for you whether it’s forty six days five days whatever it may be on but it also depends how many sessions are you doing a week how many sessions are you doing per day how long are the sessions what paper session see you need to play around with it a bit to make sure that you’re depleting enough. I’m in the year earning those high carb days you know it’s not just be for the sake of having a high carb day the way I deeply sometimes I’m really you know when I’m metabolism is firing I need a Hi carb day every third or fourth day when my sessions are half ass and being a lazy bitch you know um I E abroad probably could get away with doing every 12 day you know that’s just the way it is so you need to earn that when you really grinding it out every fourth day every fifth day when you’re not going to get out your half

assing it you know every four weeks baby that’s a that’s how often you too many carbs so or a hiker day bomb I think another big mistake people make is that the the carb load too soon you know on they don’t really grinded out most people don’t understand

what it is to really push themselves and grinded out and really you know good just though those last few days you know when there’s in so much pain and you know they’re flat and their depleted in the feel like shit most people given to that you know they have a high carb day like I said before earn it you know although you feel like crap it’s part of the process understand that nothing is easy

if it’s worth work earning you know if something is gonna bring healed specific results its gonna come with the price is gonna come with work so I understand that’s part of the process to feel like crap don’t repeat too soon on just because you feel like you need to distinguish the difference between want immediate that’s what most people can’t do you know in fact when I’m repeating

actually repeat on a lot of foods that I don’t necessarily enjoy high-carb foods that are not my personal favorite because I wanna make sure that when I’m repeating or when I’m hike during my high carb day I’m doing it because they need it not because I’m craving certain foods I’m so that’s another another variable to consider

Tom the third thing is bingeing is a No you know a lot of people mistake in a repeater a high carb day to just go well bingeing eat as much as they possibly can and stuff themselves that is wrong and I don’t condone that because they do not condone on eating disorders on so I think control re feeds you know maybe try 500 rooms a card tray 600 trace 700

see what works for you I’ve gone you know where a deeply on 50 to 80 grams occurred to date my high carb day service 880 a really good on try it out what works for you just play with a big eyes it may take a few weeks to really nail it down and see what works for you but and you’ll know it you know if you have three anagrams a card in the next eight feel like crap again

he should be good for a day or two after to the point where your workouts are amazing your strength is back you really pushing yourself in the gym your muscles look for I’m and if you don’t feel that way maybe didn’t have enough carbs if your bloated and you feel like crap that you can’t work out maybe you had too many carbs on another thing on biggest mistake people make on the repeat

or the high carb day when their car cycling is they consume too many fat the benefit of high carb days come from actually consuming the carbs K that was gonna get your metabolism going that’s what you’re trying to replenish glycogen stores on stored %uh the simple sorry stored sugars that’s where you’re trying it deplete I’m that’s what you trying to

replenish so muscle glycogen on so I think most people you know they eat a lot of foods and they have you know is shitload of ants in their on what you need to understand what you’re doing is high carb days it’s okay to have trace amounts a fax from the cards when you have sweet k don’t have things like that

there are fats in these foods that’s fine so you do go over your fat a bit that’s acceptable but do not overkill on the facts because we’re really trying to do is you have the results %uh the carbohydrate not the facts K com lastly I think one reason why I think I don’t get everyone my clients to do and I don’t think it

works for everybody is the thing people feel guilty when they do these high carb days you know they feel like crap they feel you’re gonna retain water that’s a given on because for every gram of carbohydrate the store you retain 2.7 grams of water so you’re gonna

store water within the muscle but also subcutaneously so under the skin so it’s normal that you are gonna you will feel a bit bloated you’re gonna feel a bit you know water you’re not gonna feel as tight but do not feel guilty about it if you’re a person that you know he is jumps on the scale every fucking 10 minutes which I don’t know why people do this I’m then maybe carb cycling is not for you

because you’re week’s gonna go up bottomline but does it mean your body fat when up absolutely not your weight went up there’s a difference between weight and body fat you know and I think that’s a big problem within with people with the scale is a fix it so much on the scale you know and when they lose weight on the scale they take it you know

as a celebration yeah I lost weight loss fat but when the gateway to like or should I feel like crap or at all or you know or the other person on the other end of the spectrum is a gorgeous waterway well so when you lose weight is fat but when you gain weight it’s water weight so

you know you can be hypocritical there mom is one or the other you know so I don’t even like using the scale at all for anyone in my clients on maybe once a week at max but people that we themselves every single day every morning every night that’s an obsession I think you guys need to get rid of it

if you’re one of these kind of people maybe carb cycling is not the best option for you as always goes comment below tell me where you wanna see share the video I am like the video all that key member peace

ead and pasta every other day. I’m going to say it again, I will want you Chris says it works with his clients, to have bread, and some pasta and some carbs every other day. Please explain why you would take this dramatic change to sleep.
Chris: Sure, how many millions people out there has tried and failed, tried and failed on a diet? The biggest thing that I have found that I’m up against is the emotional and psychological need these carvings for this comfort foods. So, if you can’t beat them why don’t you join them and be really smart about it; so we can actually create a cool little psycho to lose fat while you are still eating carbs, those comfort foods. It almost sounds too good to be true, but it really does work this way.
Dr. Oz: Actually it gets better it’s only going to work if we do it the right way, take us through a typical week by which you may actually use carbs as an …instead of your enemy.
Chris: Absolutely, right here we are looking at the basic week here. Start off on Monday with a good clean low carb day, this is going to be our fat burning day right here, because you come off the weekend, everyone is a Monday dieter. Most people are great with their diets on Monday, so we are going to go low carb burning fat on these days. On Tuesday, you are going to be I’m totally over this diet thing. I really want a bagel for breakfast right; well guess what you can have that beadle for breakfast. You totally can, I’m going to allow you to reward yourself every other day on this diet. If you can’t have it today you can always have it tomorrow. So, Monday you have eaten clean, you did great you burn a lot of fat, Tuesday you want to start off with that bagel, fantastic.
Dr. Oz: I know she was going to rush the stage with her my friends, it’s still safe though, let that almond butter cake in you got twenty minutes.
Dr. Oz: I have noticed almond butter here also but an apple.
Chris: Yes absolutely, it is a beautiful healthy whole natural carbohydrate; it’s high in fiber as well. So, we go from these low carb burning day to a higher carb day which is going to help boost your metabolism and then you are feeling good, you have your reward food. On Wednesday we are going to drop you right back into a low carb fat burning day. Come the next day, here comes Thursday, pizza.
Dr. Oz: It’s very rare on this show that you will see pizza on the set, that’s a pizza.
Chris: Absolutely so, once again here comes a high carb metabolic boosting day.
Dr. Oz: One meal right?
Chris: One meal, reward yourself, indulge for that one meal, get that taste or whatever it is that you are looking for and then surround yourself. Your other meals for the day should be, real whole natural carbohydrates, all the good ones are better… We are back down again on Friday, right back down into low carb fat burning day. Then you want pancake for the kids on Saturday? How about it? It’s totally okay, boost your metabolisms on these days and then of course here you are; you want to do an Italian lunch with the family, you want some pasta and spaghetti meatballs and big reward meal, spike your metabolism through the roof.
Dr. Oz: Can Sunday, be the whole day of cheating?
Chris: I recommend against it, it really depends on who you are, if cheating, especially if sometimes it can be a slippery slope for a lot people. You will also notice that all of these meals when I mentioned them they were never dinner because; anytime you are eating after 7 you start to reward yourself, that can be a very slippery slope and before you know it you are in that red zone from 7 0’ clock until you go to bed.